U.S. SSA Form ssa-ssa-7004 Form Approved OMB No. 0960-0466 SP Request for Social Security Statement Please check this box if you want to get your Statement in Spanish instead of English. I authorize you to use a contractor to send the address in item 9. Please sign your name Do Not Print Future average yearly earnings Dollars Only Form SSA-7004-SM 1-2003 Destroy prior editions Date Area Code Daytime Telephone No. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION About The Privacy Act form under section 205 of...
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Hi there this is McReynolds senior IST application engineer with imaginative technologies here to present how to size ponds and the storm and sanitary analysis program there's a common misconception that the storm and sanitary analysis program or SSA for short does not calculate the required storage volume for detention pump today I'm going to show you the steps required to perform this calculation first we start with the start out with the proposed conditions model and we're going to assume at Junction 23 we would like to place a detention pond the first step is to check our analysis options and our storm selection and make sure that we run the storm and create a solution file for the hundred year storm event it's also important to specify the output file name otherwise when you go to run the analysis it will fail after we're done and we don't need to allow load the output for the hundred year storm because we're not going to be evaluating it here we're going to select ok and we're going to run our analysis after the analysis is done we can shut down the proposed conditions model once we're done running the proposed conditions we're going to do the same thing for with the existing conditions model at the same Junction so we're going to come up to our analysis options again we'll assign multiple storms but in this case we're going to run the 100-year storm we're also going to specify the output file name and lastly this time we are going to go ahead and we are going to load the output file for this hundred year storm we're going to select okay and we'll go ahead and perform our analysis now that we're done performing our analysis we're going to review the results for our existing conditions 100-year storm event so we'll come down and we are going to activate our time series plot and we're going to find our node and we'll find the total inflow for our Junction number 23 you'll see we can use our scrolling and our panning button to Center our hydro flow curve for this particular storm you can also see below in the readout that tells us the total maximum inflow at this Junction for the hundred year event is 24.71 cubic feet per second our next step is to come up to our time series plot and open the solution file for our post development and again when it loads the time series plot will come over again to the same node total inflow at Junction number 23 and we'll superimpose that hydrograph on top of the existing conditions hydrograph you'll notice once you do this that it also places the total maximum inflow for the proposed conditions at thirty two point two seven cubic feet per second when we size ponds one of most important things to understand is that we want to reduce the flow from our proposed conditions back down to our original conditions so what we can do now is we can come over to our maximum flow and tell it that we want a maximum flow of twenty four point seven one for this particular design so we'll come in and put twenty four and I'll...